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Three Steps to Minimizing Roofing Problems

One of the biggest enemies to your roof is a severe storm. Persistent high winds can cause roof damage that may or may not be visible from the ground. When unnoticed or untreated, the problem can grow, allowing water to penetrate your roofing system and eventually cause catastrophic problems to your home. The best way to keep minor problems minor is to inspect your roof regularly and fix any problems as soon as possible. Roofing problems don’t fix themselves, they only grow worse with time.

There are three steps to preventing and minimizing roofing problems.

1. Pay Attention to the Weather

During and after heavy storms, always check your roof for damage. While climbing up isn’t practical for most people, going up to your attic and looking for wet spots and stains in the eaves, rafters, timber fascia and framing. Walk around your home’s exterior, looking out for shingles that are not lying properly or are missing altogether. If you suspect damage, call a home improvement company with a professional roofer to do an inspection.

2. Watch for Water Spots

It doesn’t take much for water to find tiny cracks and crevices to seep in and penetrate. Water damage begins by traveling through open spaces and soaking into whatever porous materials are in its path. By the time water spots reach the upstairs ceilings and walls, you probably have a significant roof leak. The longer it takes for the leak to be repaired, the larger it will become and the more difficult the repair will be.

3. Repair Promptly When Noticed

When caught early, most roofing problems can be fixed easily and inexpensively by a professional. It could be as simple as replacing a shingle or two. When the roof has a leak, consult a professional roofing contractor for a free estimate on repair services.

Roofing problems often start with wind damage that can loosen shingles. When shingles pull away from the roof sheeting, the area beneath it is exposed. Depending on how the shingles are attached and what type of protection is available beneath them, there may be holes and cracks in the roof sheeting. This is susceptible to penetration that needs to be repaired or replaced.

For more information about how detecting roof leaks or to set up an appointment with a professional roofing contractor, call Four Seasons in DC at 301-948-2678 in Baltimore at 410-884-8446, and Northern Virginia at 703-218-1241.

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