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Insurance Coverage and Contractor Repairs

Planning Ahead

With hurricane season underway, we have already been soaked by tropical storm “Andrea” and a number of severe thunder storms. While most of us have avoided any property damage, it should be a wake-up call when our power goes out. Now is the time to check your homeowners insurance and liability policy and make sure you have proper coverage in the event that you need it. The following questions might be considered…

  • Is your policy up to date to cover any loss or house repairs?

  • Will it cover replacement siding if it cannot be repaired?

  • Is there allowance for matching the original for roof replacement?

  • Do you have flood insurance… do you need it?

  • Does your policy provide for lodging if needed?

  • Can you afford your deductible?

As a homeowner, you need to ask yourself and your insurance agent these kinds of questions. This is what insurance is for… You don’t want to be unprepared for the worst.

A Careful Choice

If you make an insurance claim to have insurance restoration work done on your home, you must also choose a contractor to do the work. The best choice is going to be a recommendation from your insurance company because this will maintain the liability of responsibility for the repairs with your insurance company. An equally good choice would be a home improvement contractor that you have a good history with, and who is willing to accept insurance funding.

What you want to avoid is the storm chaser. He is a mercenary who may just be in town for this storm… He will talk a good game, but there will be no warranty or service for any replacement or repair.

Four Seasons Home Improvement Company is affiliated with most local and regional insurance companies and their agents. We understand their requirements, procedures, and guidelines. If your home is damaged by a disastrous event, check with your insurance company or agent to see if we can do the repairs for you…

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