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Nature vs. Home Improvement

The house is our shelter from the elements, but it is not immune to their affects. Home Improvement and maintenance is an important part of homeownership. A homeowner should make regular inspections of the house exterior and be aware of its condition to plan on repairs or home improvements as they are needed. This is especially important after a rain or wind storm event, and one of the best ways to maintain and protect the value and integrity of a property.


The ultra-violet rays from the sun will slowly fade the color out of everything, including the roofing, siding and any other exposed surface. It can even come through the windows and fade your drapes and furniture.

The infra-red rays of the sun will slowly evaporate any type of moisture from everything, making the roofing disintegrate, wood crack and split, and any form of pla

stic or polymer become brittle.


High winds over 35 mph can threaten a property. Roofing and siding materials could be loosened or blown off. Flying debris can impact the house, or break glass in windows and doors. A tree falling into a house can cause devastating damage to the entire property. The potential of damage greatly increases with higher wind velocity and with the duration the wind speed is sustained.


Water is harmless until it mixes with a house. After the wind or sunshine opens the house to allow water inside, the trouble begins. Water will destroy the value of insulation in the attic and walls. There are many house fires caused by a short from a water leak. Water will discolor or stain indoor paint on ceilings and walls. Finished floors can be discolored or warped. The presence of water can also promote mildew, mold and rot.

Home Improvement Protection

We at Four Seasons Home Improvement Company offer lifetime solutions for a homeowner’s maintenance needs. Our home improvements use quality products and engineering so that a homeowner does not have to be concerned with the ravages of the elements.

If you need a roof replacement, new window install, or siding work, we will make it to last!

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