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Choosing new siding for your home

Options in Home Siding and Trim

If your local community has a Homeowner Association your options for the type of siding you can install on your house may be predetermined by your covenant agreement. The type of building material, as well as the colors of your exterior siding, trim work, and windows may be controlled by your H.O.A. board of directors. Your siding choice may be limited to vinyl siding for your house. However, you still have some very important options to choose from:

Siding Quality:

The quality of most building materials can be measured by the warranty. There are different grades of vinyl siding and a Sales Consultant can steer you to the best choices that meet your community requirements for profile and color, and help you check the warranty.

Insulation Value:

You can have additional insulation installed behind the siding on the exterior of the house. There are several choices of insulating materials and you can choose a level of improvement to your insulation value for your home.

Wood Replacement:

You can choose to replace bad wood with more wood which will sooner than later also become bad wood… or you can replace it with vinyl or solid polyurethane foam instead. You will have a permanent solution to wood rot and there are even paints that are made for these surfaces.

Trim Work:

You can eliminate painting altogether by custom covering your exterior exposed gutter boards, frieze boards, corner boards and other fascia with prefinished aluminum. The soffit overhangs can be covered with vinyl to complete the roofline trim. This type of cover is very common with vinyl siding installation and is accepted by most Homeowner Associations.

We at Four Seasons Home Improvement Company offer you a free consultation with an expert who will help you to make good choices with siding and trim work options for your home. Our experience as a general contractor will always provide you with Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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