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Do you need a roof replacement?

Once upon a time President Obama, on a visit to Germany, quoted JFK …” The time to replace the roof is when the sun is shining.” This is another way of saying, “Make hay while the sun shines.” Both phrases are suggesting that you do things now, while there is opportunity. The meaning is that there may not be another opportunity before your procrastination brings you a loss. If you are considering replacement of the roofing for the house, you should get it done before the rain is leaking into your home.

When one considers the life expectancy of a roof system in our region of Maryland and Northern Virginia, we discover that most roofs don’t die of old age. They are killed by severe weather. A good roofing company can patch a roof that is as old as 12 to 15 years … but because of brittle shingles, many may not be willing to repair one that is much older.

The first great failure in a roof’s system is usually the flashing along or around different building materials. The expansion and contraction of the roof deck from cold to hot and back again will wiggle failure into your roof flashing because these different materials will react differently to hot and cold. The extremes of weather will hasten the process.

We have learned by exposure that the old fashion 3-tab 25-year shingle just can’t last 25 years under our Mid-Atlantic weather conditions. The older the shingles get, the more brittle they become, and the more likely they could fail you.

The good news is that the major manufacturers of roofing shingles have upgraded many of their warranties to “Lifetime.” These types of roofing shingles are better designed to survive our environment. The proper installation by a general contractor can also provide long-term labor warranties as well. The current economic conditions have kept pricing low. Therefore, roof replacement now can be a really good idea.

At Four Seasons Home Improvement Company, we have developed proven roof installation and construction methods that will give your home security with a sound roofing system. We also have flexible financing to help you get started while the sun is shining.

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