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How to prepare for hurricane season

Hurricane season officially begins on June 1 and runs through Nov. 30th. Now is the time to start preparations if you haven’t already. The day before the storm is really not the best time. Homeowners in the Washington, DC Metro area are put on alert once or twice a season, just in case the next tropical storm or hurricane rolls through the area. While folks in other states may be affected more frequently or more severely, we still see our share of activity. It pays to be prepared. A well-kept home exterior can help. Do a home inspection to make sure that everything is in good repair.

Windows and Doors

Check the insulation, caulking and framing around your windows and doors. This is also a good time to inspect your windows for cracks and your doors for wear. Sturdy replacement windows can prevent water intrusion and damage to your home, not to mention energy savings throughout the year.

Siding and Trim

Make sure that siding and trim are secure and properly attached to the house. Have any missing or warped pieces replaced. If large sections of siding and trim are damaged, it should be replaced by a home improvement company before the next big storm hits to prevent exterior and interior damage. Vinyl siding is a sturdy option that’s easy to keep clean.

Roofing and Gutter Systems

Gutters should be clean and snug before a heavy rainstorm. Clearing out any leaves and debris will prevent overflows, possible flood zones and siding damage later. If you have a lot of tall trees on your property, a gutter cover system might help to minimize debris build-up.

Emergency Supplies

If you’ve ever been in Maryland, Northern Virginia or DC when a big storm blows through, you know that people rush the stores at the last minute looking for plywood to board up their windows, tarps to protect leaky roofs and buckets to use for clean-up duty. Rather than getting caught in the frenzy, you can pick up and store plywood now, and call a general contractor who does roofing repair and installation to handle any existing issues.

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